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Introduction “Few management theorists have been more persistently criticized than has Frederick W. Taylor”, (Locke, 1982, p.14), but why is scientific management still used in many countries throughout the world? This essay will try to understand and analyze some problems of scientific management. Although Taylor’s system may lead to some inhuman problems, due to its high efficiency, it still can be useful because of diverse conditions in different countries. Review of article This article focuses on Taylor’s scientific management. It summarizes Taylor’s philosophy of management (a scientific approach to managerial decision and concern on the relationship between management and labor) and explains Taylor’s main techniques, such as time and motion study, standardization, the task, economic men, individualized work, training systems and skills management, careful selection, shorter working hours and rest pauses. The article presents several criticisms of Taylor’s theory, particularly those concerned with his view of human motivation towards work, social factors, authoritarianism, exploiting workers, anti-unionism, and dishonesty. Locke (1982) is mostly in line with Taylor except for the issues of individualized work and the relationship between management and labor, which he regards as only partially correct. Still, he justifies each criticisms of Taylor listed above. Yet, Locke (1982) argues that most of Taylor’s ideas are not only right in his time, but also still valid today. Comprehension of key theme After several years associating with industrial manufacturing, Taylor made many observations of workers’ inefficiencies (Taylor, 1911b cited in Wren, 2011). He proposed four principles of worked out the scientific management: (1) The development of a science of standardized work tools and efficient ways for all individuals to comply; (2) The selection

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