Scientic Process Essay

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Scientific Process When we look at the scientific process and trying to understand our personality, we have to collect data about ourselves. This process of looking at data and asking questions so that we can review and come up with a conclusion is a scientific process. When I want to make a change in my life and I notice I have repeated the same mistakes over and over I have found I make a list of why I do what I do and ask myself why and is there alternatives that I should have been making instead to change my outcome. Like in my budget, when I was making more money my budget was different. Now that I have had a big decrease in pay, I have to review what I buy, why I bought it and why my budget is over what I had made. What enticed me to purchase things I knew I could do without. Collecting data is a great way for any doctor to find answers to almost any questions. Analyzing data is the way scientists, doctors and mathematician build on most case studies. Then we can test out our theories, to show if what our theory is actually correct. In building theories we can use experiences and common sense. I find that through my courses I have learned why I am the way I am. There is still a lot of learning for me and changes in me that I have to accomplish before I finish my courses, but I am learning how make the changes without changing my

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