Science in the World Essay

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Scientist and their experiments have continuously modified human existence. Without the help of scientist nothing would be possible, therefore, scientist have the ethical right to use science experiments to clone, expand warfare, and develop better technology. If we lacked this, then we would not have expanded our technology or knowledge as much as we have in America today. The debate on cloning all began in 1997 with the birth announcement of a sheep named Dolly. Since then, the debate over human cloning has caused almost all industrialized nations to ban cloning in one form or another. Many argue that re-creating a perfect replica of something or someone else is playing the role of God. People today don’t understand that cloning has helped society grasp a better understanding on how different animals and humans function. And that this is ethical because many scientists are only researching and cloning to help better technology and assist with medical issues that America faces today. Another issue is whether or not experimenting with warfare is a scientist right or duty. Society needs to recognize that with or without the help of scientist, war is going to happen, particularly when you have such a diverse world. And without this scientific help American would not have strong nuclear device, resulting in loss of wars and battles. Science has helped expand all the knowledge that not only goes into war but to help protect our rights and our ability to be such a strong nation. Science has also introduced so much technology into our world, NASA program, global warming, etc. Their has been so much more exploration about the world around us because of science alone. Science is the study of life, and without it the world would be left clueless as to what is going on. That being said, Science has helped in many ways, especially in our growth of knowledge. Within

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