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P1: Pharmacy assistant Pharmacy assistants and dispensing assistants work beside pharmacy technicians and below the supervision of a listed pharmacist in both hospitals and community settings. Staff tumbling into this category will have a variety of parts and responsibilities and therefore have different job titles. In the community sector these will include dispenser, dispensing assistant and pharmacy assistant. Within the hospital sector, the title pharmacy assistant is more usually used. Job description The range of duties and varies depending on the post, but may include the following:- Daily * Selling over the counter medicines * Answering phones * Talking in and handing out prescriptions * Dispensing prescriptions * Sketching any problems identified or quires raised to the concentration of pharmacists or pharmacy technicians * Preparing medicines aseptically ( means preparing medicine in a very clean environment by using special techniques) * Make sure that health and safety requirements are joined Weekly * Ordering items for use within a department * Helping to uphold reasonable dispensary stock levels * Receipting ,loading, unloading incoming goods from wholesalers, manufacturers and elsewhere Yearly: -Yearly is the same as daily and weekly, because they all relate to each other in pharmacy. Personal communication skills and ICT skill * Firstly, good communication * Secondly ,the ability to read and carry out instructions * Thirdly, the ability to pay attention to detail * Fourthly, manual dexterity * Sixthly ,you need to be able to work with a team * Seventhly, having strong ethic * Eighthly, being able to work under pressure * Ninthly ,having interest in healthcare * Tenthly, being able to meet strict deadlines Career prospects With all experience

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