Science vs Religion

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SCIENCE VS RELIGION, OR IS IT SCIENCE AND RELIGION? Abstract What exactly are the similarities and differences between scientific models and religious myths? In answering this question, I will define the purposes of both Science and Religion, their function, use, value, and importance. Exploring Science and Religion: The Same Differences Where do we come from? The source of this conflict stems from the fact that both Science and Religion, attempt to do the same thing: to explain the world around us, and offer solutions to our problems. Science and Religion enter into conflict when their age is examined. Religion compromises very old explanations and solutions; Science only has newer ones. It was in ancient Israel – the answer was God and Creation, as described in the book of Genesis. But human knowledge has advanced and grown, different explanations have arisen: namely, the Big Bang and Evolution. Because people loathe being proven wrong, the appearance of any new explanations is threatening and they react in a very defensive hostility to these rival accounts. If we didn’t have Science or Religion, what would we have? We, as humans, have an instinct to believe in something and obey a command for better life; one of the most outstanding characteristics is the need for explanation. This is why research is continuously being conducted. We have sought after knowledge of ourselves, our world, and beyond. The two disciplines are concerned with different aspects of human experiences. Science deals with impersonal encounters with the physical world, whereas Religion deals with the personal encounter with the One who transcends us. Testing Science and Religion There are different methods used for testing or proving truthfulness of hypothetical ideas. Science uses tests and experiments until something fits and will answer the how’s of the processes’
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