Science Vs Pseudoscience

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Belief in Pseudoscience and Superstition Among College Students Pseudoscience is collections of ideas or theories that are made by people who claim their theories are “scientific when they are not scientific” ( Pseudoscience cannot be said as a science because their theories do not come from observation and lead nowhere to further scientific problems. In fact, sometimes pseudoscience “cannot be tested because they are consistent with every imaginable state of affairs in the empirical world”( Superstition is a kind of beliefs that come from a myth, folklore, legend, and religion, where all of these beliefs are false and made from ignorance. People make superstitions to conquer things that cannot be reached and controlled by science and any logical reasons such as ghosts, “God”, devils, etc. They make superstition because they “fear of the unknown” (e.g., if we do not give some of our crops to the “God”, He will get angry and starvation will come to our village). Many people in the world in this century still do believe in pseudoscience and superstition. In fact, even college students believe in pseudoscientific and superstitious claims for a number of reasons. College students do believe in pseudoscientific and superstitious claims because they have been forced to learn by their cultures from their ancestor. Their cultures force them to believe in superstition and pseudoscience because they will become the next generation who will also continue these cultures to their next generation. Furthermore, they also believe all of these superstition and pseudoscience as a form of respecting their ancestor. An example of superstitious claim is people in China believe that every Chinese New Year, they must pray to their ancestor and God with incense for asking a better life and a guidance so all of the misfortunes such as

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