Science Questions to Transmission Essay

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------------------------------------------------- COMMUNICATION & ENERGY TRANSMISSION ASSIGNMENT PART A A matter of communication In March 1791, Captain Arthur Phillip, Governor of New South Wales, wrote a letter to his employer, King George III in London, asking for some time off work. The only way to get the letter to London was by sailing ship. The letter took eight months to get to King George III, and his reply took a further eight months to reach Sydney. Today, a reply from London to a request from Sydney for some time off work could be received within seconds by telephone or email. There is no longer any need for matter, such as letters, to be transported. The request and reply travel between Sydney and London via the transmission of energy at the speed of light — 300 000 kilometres per second. Over long distances, there are many advantages of energy transmission without the transmission of matter. Question 1. Unlike above, we now have access to a world of technology with email and text messaging. As year 9 students, we spend a lot of time texting our friends. To understand how text messaging works you will need to access the following link and answer the questions below. a) What does SMS stand for (1 mark) Short messaging system b) Describe what happens when you send a text message. (3 marks) There is a signal that is transmitted towards a satellite that is then bounced off towards the person who is receiving the text c) What does it mean if your phone has a poor signal? (1 mark) It means that your phone cant transmit a signal to the satellite d) When we send a text message which of the following is occurring? Circle. (there is more than one answer) (1 mark) i. Transmitting energy ii.
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