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Conclusion The purpose of this lab is to confirm the percent composition in a hydrate which I did by performing the lab and gathering the data. I found 68 percent composition in a hydrate by using the data I gathered from the lab. First I found the mass of crucible with lid, crucible and hydrate RAW. Then I found anhydrous salt and crucible RAW hydrate, anhydrous salt, water then I found the percentage of water on hydrate. After finding all these I used the uncertainties calculations to calculate the uncertainties. The formula I used to calculate the percent error is Accepted value-Experimental value x100. Accepted Value This gave me the answer of 22%. Main source of error is due to random errors which was caused my lack of precision of lab equipment. Evaluation and Improvements Source of error | Effect on the result | Suggest improvements | Measurement errors | Wrong measurement causes wrong data which make the calculation wrong and gave the wrong answer and which might effected the whole lab | To improve the data we could measure the masses more than one time and measure the masses more precisely and carefully | Incorrect calculations | Incorrect calculations will lead into wrong data and will be more far away from actual answer and it will make the whole data and lab wrong | One wrong answer can cause to whole data wrong to get more accurate data we need to do the calculations couple of time and more carefully and also checking over and over so you don’t get any wrong answer | Single trial | Single trial doesn’t give you perfect and accurate data u might get the measurement wrong or the u might misunderstood the instruction which give you wrong data | The perfect solution for this problem is to do multiple trials and check answer and compare them until you don’t get constant and same error for multiple trials.

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