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Pakistan: A Fresh Start For Media and Democracy The journalists in Pakistan believe the people of Pakistan in recent elections have voted for change and renewal. The election and the formation of a new government committed to reform should signal the opening of a new chapter in relations between journalism, the state and civil society. With a shared commitment to the values of democratic pluralism, media freedom and universal human rights, the IFJ believes that fresh initiatives can encourage open government, strengthen quality and ethical conduct of media, and build confidence in public interest journalism. The IFJ recommends reforms and measures to improve performance in the following areas: • Public access to information through freedom of information and the creation of open, transparent and structures of government and public administration in all areas; Review of the legal environment for the operation of media with the repeal and review of laws such as the PEMRA regulations and Maintenance of Public Order Act; Strengthening media self regulation, including actions to make the Press Council independent and journalism subject to peer accountability; The need for transparency, wider public representation and Parliamentary authority in appointments to public office affecting media, such as the Council of Complaints established under PEMRA rules; Actions to reinforce professionalism in media through principles of ethical journalism, including proposals set out in the Ethical Journalism Initiative; Commitment to public service values and the creation of genuine public service broadcasting; Confidence-building measures to urgently address critical problems facing journalism and media including: The need to improve working conditions and the status of journalists and to ensure freedom of association and union representation for journalists and media staff; • •

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