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Sc KEY STAGE Science tests 3 TIERS Mark scheme for Papers 1 and 2 3–7 2008 National curriculum assessments Sourced from 2008 KS3 Science Mark Scheme Tiers 3–6 and 5–7 Introduction Introduction The test papers will be marked by external markers. The markers will follow the mark scheme in this booklet, which is provided here to inform teachers. This booklet includes the mark scheme for paper 1 and paper 2 in both tiers. The structure of the mark scheme for tiers 3–6 and 5–7 The mark scheme for each question shows: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ the teaching points from the key stage 3 programme of study the marks available for each part of the question the total marks available for the question the answer or expected answers, indicated by an asterisk additional guidance to assist markers in making professional judgements. When a question appears in an identical form in both tiers, the answers to the question are given only once in the mark scheme. For clarity, both question numbers are given. The following example, from tier 3–6 paper 2 question 11 and from tier 5–7 paper 2 question 4, illustrates this. Tier 3–6 5–7 Part ai 3/3d Q No 11 4 Mark 1 Answer * it is neutral ✔ Accept Additional guidance if more than one box is ticked, award no mark a ii 3/3d a iii 3/3f 1 * any number less than 7 1 any one from * they are alkaline or an alkali accept ‘a soluble base’ accept ‘it has a pH above 7’ specific pH values such as ‘its pH is 8.5’ are insufficient * they react with the acid Where more than one answer is acceptable, this is indicated in the mark scheme by ‘any one from’. Each possible correct answer is marked with an asterisk. In some cases, alternative answers are indicated by ‘or’. 2 Sourced from 2008 KS3 Science

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