Science Leads to Imperfection Essay

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There is no way science can achieve the ultimate perfection of nature or us. It is born from imperfect beings and studies an imperfect universe. The articles I found and the excerpts from Being Human discussed in class are not showing perfection in any sense of it and it is not even showing the act of perfecting something. They show the utmost aspect of imperfection in the human race; however, it couldn’t have been in any other way, as perfection does not exist but as an impossible and paradoxical concept. As perfection is anathema to life and we are alive, science objective must not be perfecting nature but improving human life. Great examples of this are bionic prosthetics: although they do not perfect nature, they greatly improve human life. First of all I will speak about perfection and why it does not exist, and I am doing it because it is indeed one of the central axis of the argumentation and a basic notion every that every person who thinks about anything related to perfection must know and fully understand in order to be able to argue correctly. Everyone considers a perfect person to be the embodiment of all good things that can be thought of; however, it is well known that not everyone perceives the same things to be good. A clear example is that one of the politic affinity: a communist wouldn’t see as the perfect person anyone who favors capitalism, and by the other way, a capitalist person wouldn’t see as the embodiment of perfection anyone who believed in communism, but even in the case they saw that hypothetical person as perfect, someone within the 7 thousand million people that today live in the world would disagree. If the previous explanation hasn’t been enough convincing, here is the next proof that perfection doesn’t exist. Something perfect should have ever existed and last untouched until the end of the days, as being perfect, this perfect

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