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Science Lab Report

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Britt Mayers
Due: September 6th

Lab Report : Multiple Springs

We are investigating how identical springs behave when more than one is used. We will change the mass on the springs to see if the results are similar.

If you were to put force into multiple springs which are used next to each other ( parallel ), then the results of the extension of each spring will be similar because the same force is put on each spring and it will cause the springs to stretch in almost the same length.

Key Variables:
The Independent Variable – The Mass.
The Dependent Variable – The Extension
The Controls – The Rhetort Stand, Ruler, The Position of the Springs.

Apparatus & Materials:
  Retort Stand
  Multiple Springs
  Mass (Weights)
  Notebook (for Graphing)

  Hang the springs from the Retort Stand and hang the pointer from the springs.
  Now you measure the springs with a cm ruler and after you will convert it to metres, note it down in your chart.
  Now that you measured the length add the weights (equal amount of weight) to the springs. Measure the length of the spring, ad calculate the extension/difference. Note the measurements in your chart.
  Take off the weights, and now that it has been stretched see if it returns to the original length. See if it remains stretched or if it returns to the original length either by sight or by measuring with your cm ruler. Once again note in your chart and calculate the force.
  Repeat with different weights.

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