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Lesson Plan in Science IV I. Learning Objectives Motivated by the song “Plant Parts”, the pupils should be able to: A. identify the parts of a flower; B. explain the importance of flowering plants; and C. label the parts of a flower. II. Learning Content A. Subject Matter: Parts of a Flower B. References: * Balatbat, F.P Delos Reyes, Jr. R.L. (2015). The NEW SCIENCE LINKS. Worktext in Science and Technology, Rex Bookstore, Inc. Sampaloc Manila. * Plant parts. wmv-Youtube.Retrieve April 11, 2015 from ?v=s XmHff2Kjc. C. Materials: * LCD projector, laptop * Puzzle pieces (flower) * Diagram of a flower D. Concepts: * Flower – reproductive organ of most plants * Parts of a Flower a. Petals – the attractively colored parts which attract insects b. Sepals – the green leaf – like structure at the base of the petals c. Pistil – the female reproductive part that consists of C.1. Stigma – sticky tip that receives the pollen grain C.2. Style – a thin slender tube that connects stigma with the ovary C.3. Ovary – located at the base of the Style where fertilization occurs. d. Stamen – the male reproductive part that consists of D.1. Anther – the Hp which contains the powdery part called pollen. D.2. Filament – holds the anther. E. Skills: 1. Labeling 2. Observing F. Values: 1. Respect for nature 2. Love and Care for plants III. Learning Procedure *Preliminary assessment Question: Have you ever seen a flower? How can you describe a flower? A. Preparation Motivation Let the pupils watch the video clip “plant parts” song. Questions: What did you notice in the song? What was the song all about? B. Presentation 1. Question: From the song that you watched a while ago, what do you think is the reproductive organ

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