Science Ideas Essay

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What Makes A Good Science Project? Some advice from a science fair judge Source: U.S. Government, Calif. Energy Commission YOU'RE HANDED the dreaded assignment…the Science Project. Maybe you already know what you want to do, or maybe you're clueless. Whatever you decide, here are steps you should consider when doing your project. Doing it right will not only get a thumbs up from your teacher but it may give you the boost to go to a regional Science Fair. Who knows? Your next stop could be the State Science Fair!. BE FRESH! Judges always look for original ideas. Original projects are those that take the textbooks one step further by exploring new ground and innovative techniques. Your project could be original in the scientific concept or maybe you've come up with a new way to solve an old problem or a new and better way to interpret the data. Whatever your project, make sure it is done well. Just having a great and new idea is only half of the solution. PASSING THE "HUH?" TEST! It may be a super idea for a project but it won't impress the judges (or teacher) if you don't have a well-defined goal or objective of what you're doing. Just what scientific concept are you trying to prove or disprove with your project? A direct, often simple objective won't leave the judges scratching their heads, trying to figure out what exactly you were trying to prove. You've got to pass the "HUH?" test. UNDERSTAND IT—IT'S YOUR PROJECT, NOT YOUR FOLKS'! RELATED LINKS Homework Topic: Science Biology Science Projects Botany Science Projects Chemistry Science Projects Earth Science Projects Physical Science Projects Science Project Ideas Science Project Procedures Back to School Resources Your project must show the judges that YOU understand and know how to use scientific theory, terms, techniques and methodologies properly. Judges look for students
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