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Technology research task: Technology is constantly improving. This is especially true in the health science and human body domains. Choose one of the options below to learn more about a technology that is helping people in their everyday lives. For each option you must answer the following questions: a) Locate a diagram of the technology b) Describe the technology (What it is and how it works) c) Evaluate the impact of this technology on society d) Identify areas of future research that may be possible in this area * Vaccines (i.e. influenza, chicken pox, polio, cervical cancer, five in one vaccine for children) | * Cochlear implant (Bionic Ear) | * Cataract surgery | * Skin grafts | * MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) | * Tissue engineering | * Nanotechnology in medicine | * Prosthetic limbs | * New drug developments (i.e. for skin cancer, lung cancer, leukaemia, diabetes) | VERB SCAFFOLDS: Following is a very brief example (using penguins) on how to address each verb. Questions (with verb) | Scaffold (how to set out answer) | a) Locate a diagram of the technology | Find a picture or diagram of the technology. Make sure you include a caption with the picture and the link to the website you got it from. E.g. Figure [ 1 ]: Penguins. Source:
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