Science Fiction Story Essay

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The Day That Changed My World The sun is supposed to shine, the moon is supposed to illuminate the night, yet they did not. Although the old texts said these things to be a fact, in my entire life there has been no such thing as a sun, never a single occurrence of this “illuminating night light”. There were many things that did not exist in my world, yet were prominent in these books I had discovered. I flipped page after page of the first, second, and third book skimming past the words and phrases I did not know the meanings of. I knew some things these books spoke of, I had gone to the school we have, I knew of the human race and their customs. The fourth book was one on “botany”, a phrase not known by me. All of the books were practically crumbling in my hands, and this was no exception. However, the back of this book seemed to be littered with papers, handwritten, and without any mention of this “botany” and pictures of “flowers”. There was a date on the top that I had to squint to read, July….16th….2012? This was thousands of years ago, years before even my grandmother and she was an elder. The elders were the only ones that could last past the expiration date, yet this date was before any of them or even the elders of their time. These papers did not just have mysterious dates but mysterious words. Some I understood, and some I did not. There was one sentence that stood out to me, and that was “Say goodbye to earth on December 21, 2012”. Before I could read on, I was called downstairs to make several funeral arrangements for my grandmother, she was my only guardian and she would soon be gone, leaving me alone. Before we could finish many plans my grandmother fell asleep, and I understood, she needs a lot of sleep now, she says her body is slowing down and getting ready to sleep for a long time. I waited to make sure she wasn’t going to jolt away and blame

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