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I believe that the chlorine bleach will remove the coffee stains out of white clothes the best, because of the chemicals in the substance. The purpose of this project is to help people stop spending so much money on substances that don’t work and throwing there nice white shirt or pants away. .coffee .three white socks .chlorine bleach .peroxide .vinegar .washer machine .kettle .detergent .cold water .stove .1 tablespoon .dryer In conclusion this project is very beneficial to coffee drinkers, which often get coffee stains on their clothes. The chlorine bleach has numerous amounts of chemicals that remove color, disinfects, and whitens. You can use chlorine bleach on bathrooms, kitchen drains, and many other things. Vinegar is a substance that is used for food and cleaning hard tuff stains. Peroxide has a bleaching effect on organic substances and therefore is added to some detergents and hair products. It is also used to heal scars, scrapes, and bruises. Most doctors and nurses use peroxide to remove blood stains from clothes and sheets. 1. I will fill the kettle with water. 2. I will put the kettle on the stove. 3. I will cut the stove on. 4. I will gather all of my materials. 5. I will pour some coffee on the socks. 6. I will put 1 tablespoon of each solution onto the sock. 7. I will put the socks into the dryer so it can dry the solutions into the sock. 8. I will wash the socks with detergent and cold water. 9. I will examine the socks to see which solution removed the coffee

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