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Biology Summer Assignment 1. Three Possible science fair project topics a. How much does the viscosity of water increase when a certain amount of sugar is added? b. What carbonated drink stays fizzy for the longest amount of time? c. Does light affect the rate if which food spoils? 2. Science Fair Project Problem-In the form of a question How much does the viscosity of water increase when different amounts of sygar are added? 3. Who will benefit from this study? What are the real-world applications? Adding sugar to water and increasing its viscosity could help in making sugared water a more dense liquid and make it tougher for some objects to move swiftly throughout water. 4. Why did you choose this problem to study? At first glance it interested me and I would be intrigued to see the results of my experiment. 5. Science Fair Project Hypothesis- If…then… form If you add sugar to water then the viscosity of the water will increase. 6. Science Fair Project Independent Variable The Independent Variable is the amount of sugar put into the glass of water. 7. Science Fair Project Dependent Variable The dependent variable is the changing viscosity of the water after added sugar 8. How will the dependent variable be measured (device, method, etc.) ? By dropping a sphere into a cylinder of the water and measuring its velocity and then putting its velocity into the formula for viscosity. 9. Science Fair Project Control Measure the viscosity of plain water using the method listed above. 10. Science Fair Project Experimental Groups The amount of sugar in the water would vary from 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 grams of sugar. Research Viscosity can be defined as the measurement of a liquid's resistance to flow. Consider water and molasses. Water flows relatively freely, while molasses is less fluid. Because

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