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Science essay

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Science essay

In   this   research   report   I   will   be   telling   you   about   Midwest’s composition.   Also   how   it   forms   in   the   many   different   ways   it   does.   And   how agriculture   help   develop   it.   I   think   that   the   soil   is   just   dirt   and   fertilizer.

The   composition   is   dry and   maybe   hard   in   the   summer,   and   in winter   probably   pretty   wet   and   muddy,   Also   in   the   fall   it   is   time   to   pick   the crops   and   is   ripe   and   ready   and   to   plant. Pedocal   is   the   most   common   soil.   And   all   of   the   time   it   would   need watering   and   other   etc.   This   is   a   mixture   of   clay,   sand,   pebbles,   gravel,   boulders,   etc   Also   fungi   and   organisms.

The   soil   is   formed   when   rocks   are   broken   down   by   weathering. Soil is formed when rocks are broken down by weathering. There   are   five   factors influencing   soil   formation:   Climate,   Parent rock,   Organisms,   Relief,   and   Time. When the original material is bedrock, like sandstone or limestone, that must first weather into small particles before the soil can form, and the process is much slower.

Soil   is   enriched   by   the   wastes   and   decayed   bodies   of   animals.   Some   animals   for   example   help   by   mixing   the   soil.   And   by   eating   the   dead   crops.   They fence   off   an   area   in   forest,   then   pigs   clear-up   forest   floor   to   make   prairie,   cows   eat   the   grasses   produced   by   the   prairie,   and   chickens   clean-up   the   bugs. Pigs   aerate   the   soil,   cows   fertilize   the   soil,   chicken   viscera   becomes   compost,   and   the   woods'   carbon   locks   down   volatile   nitrogen   produced   by   the   animals.  

I   guess   my   hypothesis   was   incorrect   and   it   is   more   than   just   dirt   and   fertilizer.   And   it   is   pretty   hard   work   hard   work   on   a   farm   and the   animals   get   fed really   well   on   the   farm   from   eating   in   the   fields.   And   that   was   my   report.

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