Science & Dna Solve Romanov Mystery Essay

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Mystery of the Missing Romanov Children Science and DNA break throughs over recent years, have been responsible for solving many mysteries. Before these break throughs, we did not have the understanding or a way of proving beyond a doubt, how, why, when, who, what? Many people in the past have tried to solve the mystery of the Romanov family’s death. Were they all killed? Did Anastasia survive the attack? Several women have come forward claiming that they were Anastasia. DNA technology in recent years has advanced to the stage where scientists are able to prove and solve cases beyond a doubt. In the documentary, a team of forensic and DNA experts examined the remains of two bodies, in the hope that they would be able to prove their identities. The team of scientists conducted tests on the remains. Facial reconstruction techniques, intensive forensic analysis and DNA examinations were all undertaken. The scientists were also hoping that historical accounts would correlate with their findings. Scientists through their tests were able to determine the sex of the two bodies, that the remains were that of siblings and that both were the children of Tsar Nicholas and Alexandra Romanov. The parts of the pelvic bones were examined to try and identify whether the remains were male or female and also the DNA was tested, finding a XY and a XX chromosome. Both tests revealed the same conclusion; the remains were a male and a female. Scientists also used DNA taken from Nicholas and Alexandra and compared that to the DNA found in the bones, they were able to find repeating genes. Both bodies were definitely children of the Tsar and Tsarina. It was then easy to determine that the male was Alexei as he was the only male child in the family. The female was found to be either Anastasia or Maria, but the experts were unable to identify which one the remains belonged to,

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