Science Curriculum and Teaching Essay

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TMP 2006 – Science Science Students are to complete a portfolio containing: A critical reflection of practice examining the teaching and learning of the Science curriculum supported by a sequence of lesson plans and evaluations. (1,400 word equivalent, 50% word equivalent) (Learning Outcomes 3-4). On completion of this element of the module students will demonstrate critical awareness of the nature, purpose and value of Science through the development of the students’ knowledge and understanding of: 1. A range of concepts related to Life and Living Processes, Materials and their Properties, and Physical Processes and the development of children’s ideas within these concept areas. 2. A creative approach to teaching Science in the primary curriculum through appropriate medium-term planning, teaching, management, assessment and evaluation of Science across the primary phase. Look at examples of science planning from across the key stages. · What questions might pupils ask, raise misconceptions about in the plans you are looking at. · Identify areas of subject knowledge that you would have to revise in order to teach the lesson. Plan, teach and evaluate two Science lessons to be included in your portfolio. You should remember that you are using your assignment to illustrate that you have met the learning outcomes of the module. These are some suggestions for starting points; · Examine a range of theoretical and research findings on the role of teachers’ subject knowledge in Science and the way children learn. · Make links with your work based task of looking at planning. . · Discuss how this relates to current statutory and non-statutory guidance and new initiatives linked to policy and good practice. · Draw conclusions and make recommendations for further improvements relating the policy or practice in your setting. Relate

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