Science Curriculum Essay

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In California, teachers have to meet curriculum standards in four core subjects. Language Arts, Math, Science, and History. A handout containing the standards will be provided to you at the end of my presentation. After my presentation I hope you will be able to connect my sample lesson to a number of the curriculum standards listed, showing how an inquiry based science curriculum is more student driven a rather than teacher driven. How do teachers feel about meeting these standards? - They feel there are a lot of them and they do not have enough time to meet them all. - Their solution is to pick and choose the more familiar standards while limiting the ones they have no experience with. How does inquiry based learning compare with traditional learning? - Traditional learning is based on teaching students about things and inquiry based learning focuses on Hands-on learning. - Inquiry based learning helps students develop inquiry abilities, investigative skills and to understand a variety of concepts. - In an inquiry-based setting, the scientific method is used across all subjects it is just labeled differently. * look at chart* There are many benefits for both the students and the teachers. - Teachers have the opportunity to plan fun activities using a science focus, which they can use to transfer concepts between all subjects they are teaching. They can then encourage children to use these concepts to develop theories about the topic. - Students will build a positive self-esteem, learn to think creatively, explore and problem solve. These skills will help them own their inquiry thus enhancing their interest in the subject or topic. - Now that I have presented you with some information regarding inquiry-based science curriculum let me briefly demonstrate how it could work in your classroom.
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