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Science Boon Or Bane Essay

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Below is an essay on "Science Boon Or Bane" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


  1) What is the difference between R Firing & RC Firing Ckt ?

  2) What Is Safe Operating Area & why it is essential ?

  3) What are the difference between Half Controlled & Fully Controlled Bridge Rectifier ?

  4) Define Commutation &what are the two conditions for thyristor commutation ?

  5) Define Softness Factor & why it is essential ?

  6) Why quasi saturation occurs & in which devices it occurs ?

  7) What is the function of free wheeling diode ?

  8) What is spread time ?

  9) What are the different control strategies in chopper & which one is better ?

  10) Write down the characteristics of chopper.

  11) What is Inverter ?

  12) Write down the applications of Inverter.

  13) Define Load Regulation.

  14) What are the features of Power MOSFET ?

  15) State the uses of Cycloconverter.


  1) What is Controlled Rectifier & how it is different from general rectifier. Explain the Full Wave Controlled Rectifier using Center Tap Transformer ?

  2) What Is Chopper? State principle & use of chopper.

  3) Briefly explain the operation of the Bridge Controlled Rectifier.

  4) Describe any three methods of Thyristor Commutation technique.

  5) Briefly explain the operation of the Half Wave Rectifier.

  6) What are the different types of inverters & explain the working of series inverter with neat circuit diagram & draw its waveform.

  7) Explain the working of 1 ø Full Wave Controlled Rectifier with midpoint type & RL Load & Draw its waveform.

  8) Explain 1 ø Full Wave Rectifier using RL Load with a neat diagram & waveform.

  9) Explain 1 ø Half Wave Bridge Rectifier with neat diagram & waveform with RL & RC Load.

  10) What is Inverter ? Explain the 1 ø Full Wave Bridge Inverter with neat diagram & waveform.

  11) How many types of choppers are there & with ckt diagram explain each types ?

  12) With neat ckt. Diagram explain fully controlled...

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