Science Ball Drop Assignment

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Golf Ball drop Golf Ball drop Prediction: I predict that the lightest golf ball will have the highest first bounce and the most number of bounces. Aim: To see which brand golf ball has the highest first bounce. Research Question: Which brand golf ball bounces the highest? Materials: 4 different brand golf balls, 1 retort stand, 1 flat surface, 1 metre ruler. Method: 1. The retort stand was set up. 2. The 1m ruler was clamped on to the retort stand. 3. The golf ball was held at the top of the 1m ruler. 4. The golf ball was dropped. 5. The height of the first bounce was recorded. 6. Step 4 and 5 were repeated 3 times for each golf ball. 7. The heights of the first bounce were recorded in a table. Discussion: 1. Which golf ball had the lightest Mass? 2. Does the mass of the golf ball affect the bounce height? 3. Do the dimples on the golf ball affect the bounce height? 4. Did the most expensive brand golf ball have the most impressive bounce height? 5. Does the number on the golf ball affect the bounce height? 6. Did the most common brand golf ball have the highest bounce height? 7. Why do golf balls have dimples? ANSWERS TO THE QUESTION ABOVE. 1. The srixon golf ball had the lightest mass. 2. Yes it does because the lightest golf ball srixon bounced the highest. 3. Yes because a ball with no dimples bounces higher because it has more air drag. 4. No because srixon is one of the cheaper golf ball brands. 5. Yes because the numbers mean the different weights of the balls. 6. No because srixon isn’t one of the top level golf balls on the market. 7. The dimples are provided on a golf ball to reduce the air drag or friction so the golf ball can stay in the atmosphere longer. Conclusion: In conclusion the golf ball with the lightest mass had the highest bounce height so that means that Srixon is the best golf ball for

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