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SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT CLASS VII SA-2 1. Electromagnets are used for transporting heavy iron machinery in industries. Why are the permanent magnets not used for this purpose? 2. What will happen if a fuse wire is made up of a metal of high melting point? 3. The glowing part of a bulb is called a (a) fuse (b) switch (c) filament (d) battery 4. A ray of light traveling out from the mirror, from the point of incidence is ____________ 5. The image formed by a plane mirror is as ___________ behind the mirror, as the _________ is in front of it. 6. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the image formed by a plane mirror? (a) Virtual (b) Erect (c) Enlarged (d) Laterally inverted 7. What is meant by lateral inversion in a plane mirror? 8. The process of seeping of water into the ground is called (a) water cycle (b) water table (c) infiltration (d) rainwater harvesting 9. World Water Day is celebrated on (a) 22nd March (b) 23rd March (c) 25th March (d) 24th March 10. Forests reduce noise. (True/False) 11. What will happen if decomposers are destroyed are destroyed from forests? 12. This water is fit for drinking (a) potable water (b) waste water (c) rainwater (d) groundwater 13. This is not a waterborne disease (a) AIDS (b) Dysentery (c) Cholera (d) Typhoid 14. The kind of change in rusting of iron is ____________ 15. One metal which can prevent rusting ___________ 16. Teena saw that the volume of perfume in her bottle had become less after a few days. Probably the perfume had evaporated. Is the evaporation of perfume a physical or a chemical change? 17. A violent, dark and funnel shaped cloud is __________ 18. Moving air is called __________ 19. The blood vessels that carry blood from heart to other parts of the body are _________ 20. The instrument which doctors use to hear the heart beat is _________ 21.
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