Science and Technology Essay

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Ever sat down to a meal and looked at your dinner and thought about the process of gaining the food your about to consume. There is more to it than just running an errand to your local grocery store. Technology has improved our quality of life in the food industries in several ways. From the days of the only being able to consume what was native to your location to today where we can eat guacamole from avocados grown in California to chocolate from the cocoa beans grown in Central America. Technology has been both helpful and destructive in the farming industry. The Angel Family Farm has been a wholesome family environment since 1910 from the Octoberfest corn maze to the strawberries being picked in the spring. The Angels value keeping it as close to the original as possible and has went with the flow of technological advances in certain areas. The increase of technology has made life difficult on the small town local farmers. The trips to the local farmers markets are decreasing as people find it more convenient to shop in chain stores such as Food Lion and Walmart. In my household we still practice some of my family traditions to include the weekly trip to the farmers market for fresh produce, eggs, bread and milk. One of the things that caught my attention about the local farm known as Angel Family Farms was the amount of technology. The store portion of the farm is solely powered by solar panels. The crops are watered with rain from rain buckets, and a closed constant irrigation system the tractor is a diesel hybrid and smells of French fries, a rather “green” farm. I had the pleasure of spending a few hours touring the farm with the lead beekeeper Ed Angel. Mr. Angel referred to the local honey bees as his babies and said gal you should be gracious you can still eat fresh produce the honey bees are dying off as he gulped his Pepsi with a cheek full of

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