Science and Technology Essay

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Using Evidence in Social Work Practice ALSO AVAILABLE FROM LYCEUM BOOKS, INC. INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK: THE PEOPLE’S PROFESSION, 2E, by Ira Colby and Sophia Dziegielewski SOCIAL POLICY ANALYSIS AND PRACTICE, by Thomas M. Meenaghan, Keith M. Kilty, and John G. McNutt CASE MANAGEMENT: AN INTRODUCTION TO CONCEPTS AND SKILLS, 2E, by Arthur Frankel and Sheldon Gelman SOCIAL WORK WITH FAMILIES: CONTENT AND PROCESS, by Robert Constable and Daniel B. Lee NAVIGATING HUMAN SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS, by Margaret Gibelman ENDINGS IN CLINICAL PRACTICE: EFFECTIVE CLOSURE IN DIVERSE SETTINGS, by Joseph Walsh RAISE UP A CHILD, by Edith V. P. Hudley, Wendy Haight, and Peggy Miller ADVOCACY, ACTIVISM, AND THE INTERNET, by Steven F. Hick and John G. McNutt GENERALIST PRACTICE IN LARGER SETTINGS: KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL CONCEPTS, by Thomas M. Meenaghan and W. Eugene Gibbons TEAMWORK IN MULTIPROFESSIONAL CARE, by Malcolm Payne, foreword by Thomas M. Meenaghan MODERN SOCIAL WORK THEORY: A CRITICAL INTRODUCTION, 2E, by Malcolm Payne, foreword by Stephen C. Anderson CROSS-CULTURAL PRACTICE: SOCIAL WORK WITH DIVERSE POPULATIONS, by Karen V. Harper and Jim Lantz WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES, 3E, by Martin Herbert and Karen V. Harper-Dorton SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK: PRACTICE, POLICY, AND RESEARCH PERSPECTIVES, 5E, by Robert Constable, Shirley McDonald, and John P. Flynn Using Evidence in Social Work Practice Behavioral Perspectives EDITED BY Harold E. Briggs Portland State University and Tina L. Rzepnicki University of Chicago 5758 South Blackstone Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 © Lyceum Books, Inc., 2004 Published by LYCEUM BOOKS, INC. 5758 S. Blackstone Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60637 (773) 643-1902 (phone) (773) 643-1903 (fax) All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No

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