Science and Religion Essay

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Comparison Contrast Essay: Science and Religion For ages, religious piety and empirical science have been at a crossroads, conflicting in ideology and means. The two subjects are constantly conflicted. Consequently, researchers emphasize on the differences between these two established institutions. While these differences are irrefutable, there are enduring similarities linking science and religion. This compare/contrast essay looks at these similarities and mentions the differences. This is in a bid to show that religious thinking, despite being based on the supernatural, corresponds severally with scientific ideals. The first similarity between the two fields is their unquenchable thirst for knowledge regarding the universe. Science is grounded on the basis of understanding new impeccable facts regarding the cosmos. This is what drives the scientific method. The world is in a continuous state of thesis, counter thesis and synthesis. This is as a result of scientific efforts to discover truths regarding the universe. Religion on the other hand seeks knowledge of the universe. It is grounded on discovering the ultimate truth of the world. This is why religious societies follow a deity with whom absolute truth is associated with. The difference between the two is the mode of knowledge searching used. While science applies rationale in their quest, religion uses irrational methods. In science, subjects are tested to establish their truth and validity. However, in religion, beliefs are based on absolute belief in a higher power. Science and religion function towards the good of the universe. They both advocate for similar aspects in the propagation of the survival of the earth. For instance, several religions among them Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam have common practices in regard to lifestyle. These practices

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