Science and Religion Essay

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Are Science and Religion in Conflict Leadership Priorities and Practices Are Science and Religion in Conflict The disagreement on the evolution of the world has fallen between science and religion. Both sides can argue that there way is the way the world was developed and what’s currently happening. Religion can argue the falls firm on the old documents for each religion that people have grown to understand and belief what is written by faith. Prophets have documented the evolutions of the world which would make the information passed on very realistic for those of faith. Science has taken studies and facts of people to prove what the world is the way it is and how it was developed. Some scientists have even taken the notion that the earth was developed from elements from space. People will continue to believe what they have learned through information presented to them. Some may change their minds from this presented material and other will remain loyal to the information they were once presented. The conflict between science and religion on the evolution of the world will continue to go on. The Claim “Science is a system of investigation that helps us understand the world around us, and it's amazing how much knowledge we've gained over the centuries” (Fritz 2011). With scientist have developed ways of testing and collect data that will explains the history of earth. “An international study, based on a doctoral thesis conducted at the University of Haifa, has discovered how a newly discovered gene played a central role in the transition of aquatic plants to land plants - a process that led to life on land as we know it today”(New Gene Uncovers The Key To Life On Earth As We Know, 2011). Finding like this allow scientist to claim the way the earth is now or how it was developed. The two conflicts on how science tells how environment controls life

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