Science and Math Intergrating Essay

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Some of the teachers who has benefited from the integrated science and mathematics school curriculum are teachers of elementary schools. With a clear scrutinizing of things, it is with not doubt that middle and elementary school have some instructional activities which help tutors to know what they are supposed to provide to students at any given level of their education. Teachers should be in a position to be the chairs of any given problematic solving process. What should a teacher do about the knowledge? The work of the teacher is to ensure that he or she has all that contributes to the know how of the student and how effective the knowledge should be passed to them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Integration of science and mathematics in elementary or middle school curriculum is not easier as many think and this can bring different views to different parties. Teachers are therefore required to come up with some different dimensions of determining the level of students understanding levels and knowing what need to be done to those who are not actually bright in connecting science and mathematics. No one will dispute the fact that mathematics is used in a wide range of science field. This is actually a process but not an impact change simply because students are supposed to know how to connect science ideas with mathematics concepts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planning instructions is an approach which has helped teachers to ensure that students are in a position to connect concepts of mathematics in solving science problems. Without instructions, it is actually impossible for any given program to run effectively. With the knowledge which tutors and teachers have acquired in their respective fields of learning, they stand a better position to

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