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choose to have this disease and would prefer that not everyone know about it. Being screened before signing on to an insurance policy means that there is yet another piece of information for an untrained office lady to go through. This leads to the issue of discrimination. What if the person that decided whether I got the go ahead on obtaining an insurance policy decided that I was not in a fit enough state to receive it, when I was about to be accepted when suddenly they decided not? This would put me at an unfair position at obtaining life insurance, because of one person's opinion against me. Another issue that stems from random office people being able to read private documents of patients is invasion of privacy. Invasion of privacy is a very big issue and is what I believe to be wrong, it is stopping me from obtaining life insurance that is going cover my life, as well as stop the cost for my family. What if a complete stranger off the street was to walk into your house and go through all of your cupboards and draws and tKe what they wanted without asking? Would you be happy about that? No, and my problem is a further extent of that. Going through someones personal records is exactly like going through someones fridge but worse, it's just not right, so why is it happening? I believe that it is one of the many reasons that I am unable to obtain life insurance. Life insurance is a great thing, but how can it be great if insurance companies keep preventing the people that actually need it from having it? Being screened before obtaining life insurance is not right, it is an invasion of privacy, a waste of money for the consumer and discrimination against the people, that's right we are people, not vermin so why should we be tested as if we had some mangey

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