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Study guide:Matter 1. What is matter? 2. What is a physical property? Give examples. 3. What is a physical change? Give examples. 4. What is a chemical property? Give examples. 5. What is a chemical change? Give examples. 6. What is tarnishing and which type of change is it? 7. What is an element? Give an example. 8. What is a compound? Give an example. 9. What is a mixture? Give an example. 10. What is the difference between a heterogeneous 11. What is a pure substance? Give an example 12. In what three ways is a compound different from a mixture? 13. What is the difference between an exothermic and an endothermic change? 14. Which phase changes are (a) endothermic (b)exothermic? 15. What is a liquid? 16. Describe the arrangement of particles in a liquid 17. What is boiling? 18. What is evaporation? 19. What is a gas? 20. Describe the arrangement of particles of a gas 21. How are vaporization and condensation (a)similar? (b)different? 22. What is sublimation? Give an example. 23. What is a solid? 24. Describe the arrangement of particles in a solid. 25. What is an amorphous solid? Give an example. 26. What is a crystalline solid? Give an example. 27. Compare the M.P of crystalline and amorphous solids. 28. How are freezing and melting (a)similar? (b) different? 29. What is energy? 30. What is thermal energy? In which direction does thermal energy flow? 31. What is temperature? 32. What kind of change (physical/chemical) us dissolving a solid an a liquid? 33. What is chemical energy? 34. What is the law of conservation of matter? 35. If 15g of element x reacts with an unknown amount of element y to form 75g of compound xy. How much of element y reacted? Explain. 36. What is the most common form of energy released or absorbed

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