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Science Name The Following 1) The Coldest Planet Of The Solar System _____ . 2) The largest Planet Of The Solar System ______. 3) Scientist who Study The Space & The Objects In It_____. 4) The Artificial Satellite Of The Earth_____. 5) One Complete Sound Of The Earth On Its Axis_____. put (Tick) Or (cross) 1) CO2 Is The Most Important Gas Present In Air. 2) There Is No Air In Space 3) Warm Air Is Heavier Than Cold Air. 4) Compressed Air Is Present In A balloon In Tyre. 5) There Is More Air Higher Up In Atmosphere. 6) Wind Is Moving Air. 7) Metal & Water Are Conducters Of Electricity. 8) A Complete Circuit Allows Electric Current To Flow. 9) A Gap In The Circuit Will Allow Electric Current To Flow. 10) A Pencil & A Wooden Ruler Are Good Conductors Of Electricity. Q 1) how Do You Think Astronauts Breathe In Space ? Q 2) What Is Air Made Of ? Q 3) What Does The Word Circuit Mean ? Q 4) What Do We Call Air Which Has Been Squeezed ? Q 5) How Is The Planet Different From A Moon ? In What Way Is A Moon Similar To A Planet ? Fill In The Blanks 1) Materials That Are Not Found naturally But Are Made From Chemicals ______. 2) Strong , Hard & Shiny Materials That Can Be hammered Into Different Shapes Without Breaking ? 3) Materials Through Which heat Can Travel easily_____. 4) Materials That Are Attracted To The magnet ______. 5) Material That Is Difficult To Scratch _____. 6) Material That Is Easy To Bend_____. 7) Material That Is Very Difficult To Break_____. 8) Materials That Does Not Let Water Through _____. 9) Long , Thin Threads Of Materials Like Hair_____. 10) Any Material Through Which Electricity Can Travel Easily_____. Q ) Page (47)

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