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Abhishek Shah 1/29/2011 Evaluation Article Title: 1. The author talks about the latest technology which could hit the markets in some years. The toy is nothing other than a remote which could control the mind of people, as in people could also be made to do things involuntary. This is being developed by a Major Japanese Firm. The company is designing this technology in order to improve game experience and make it more realistic but if it could also be used dangerously and many people fear that the military would use it in a lethal way. The author also describes his whole experience with this new technology. 2. The author takes the help of his experience with the technology as well researches and reports from professors and military base around the explain the article and highlight the technology's dangers. * The author suggests that if any of the military army get the technology to control human, it would prove to be very lethal as they would have a zombie-like army where people would be without any fear of death. * The author suggest that what he went through could be described as mesmerizing as he would remotely-controlled and his head could feel something like electric currents after short intervals. * Many professors suggest that this technology could be useful for people with impaired sense of balance and could also help to make games more realistic but they feel that this technology could be fatal if fallen in wrong hands. * Companies working on using this technology in order to make equipment which helps to make a human being subdue. This shows that slowly military are seeing potential and this could do much harm. 3. The author tries to explain his article with the experience he had with the technology during the initial experiments as well

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