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Science Essay

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Natural Science Webinars with Study Questions

Orientation to INC1: http://wgu.adobeconnect.com/p63sv00rb2v/     28 minutes
Module 1 Scientific Concepts and Methodologies
Topic: Scientific Methodologies
Webinar: Scientific Methodology Part 1: http://wgu.adobeconnect.com/p633c9u0l5k/

Use Chapters 1 and 2.2, Conceptual Integrated Science, and Chapter 1, Biology, to answer the following in your notes:

  1. How is the scientific method and the process of science used to solve problems? The scientific method provides a way to plan and execute a controlled experiment so that data can be collected to support or refute a hypothesis. Other techniques are also used in science such as model building and computer simulations. This is an organized way to solve problems and draw conclusions in science.
  2. Explain the following components of the scientific method:
      a. Observation – Watching the natural world around you. EX. animal in its natural habitat.
      b. Question - Recognizing a problem and addressing it.
      c. Hypothesis – Making an educated guess to answer the question
      d. Prediction – Predicting consequences that can be observed if the hypothesis is correct.
      e. Conclusion – Formulating the simplest general rule that organizes the hypothesis prediction and general findings,
  3. What is the principle of falsifiability? For a hypothesis to be scientific it must be testable – it must, in principle be capable of being proved wrong.

  4. Define and give an example of the following items in science:
      f. Fact-   An amputated limb of a salamander can grow back
      g. Theory- Theory of evolution
      h. Law- Law of thermodynamics
      i. Evidence -
      j. Experiment – Conducting test in a lab or other environment.
      k. A field study- Watching a group of bears in a forest.  
      l. Computational modeling   -   Data results of an experiment which may be in the form of charts graphs etc.
  5. What...

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