Science 10 Physics Exam Essay

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_______ 54 SCIENCE 10 PHYSICS FINAL EXAM November 2013 Specific Curriculum Outcomes: Analyse through experiments, graphically and quantitatively, the relationship among displacement, time and velocity (325-2, 215-2) Describe the relationship among distance, time and average speed of an object’s linear motion (325-1, 212-7) Useful Formulae: Displacement Time Interval Velocity Part I _______ Multiple Choice: Select the best response for each of the following questions. 17 Clearly shade the letter of your response in the bubbles provided. 1. Distance is A. described with both magnitude and direction. B. a scalar quantity. C. a vector quantity. D. is described as a direction only. 2. A vector is a measurement that has A. magnitude B. direction C. both A & B D. neither A or B 3. A scalar is a measurement that has A. magnitude B. direction C. both A & B D. neither A or B 4. Which of the following is not an example of a vector? A. Distance B. Displacement C. Velocity D. Acceleration 5. Kelly runs 3.4 m North then turns around and runs 1.2 m South. What is the correct pairing of her distance and displacement, respectively? A. 4.6 m; 2.2 m South B. 4.6 m North; 2.2 m North C. 4.6 m South; 4.6 m North D. 4.6 m; 2.2 m North 6. How is uniform velocity shown on a position-time graph? A. A straight horizontal line. B. A line that curves downward. C. A line the curves upward. D. A line with a positive or negative slope. 7. Mabel walks on a curving path and takes several turns while walking from home to school. Which of the following terms best describes her displacement? A. The total distance she traveled. B. The straight-line distance and direction from her home to the school. C. The distance from her home to the school and back again. D.

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