Scie 207 Phase 1 Lab Report

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SCIE 207 Phase 1 Lab Report Michael Freeman SCIE207 3/29/15 Lee Ott SCIE 207 Phase 1 Lab Report I was observing the bubbles and came to a conclusion. It seems to me that the more heat that was put to the water the more oxygen it created. With more oxygen we will have more bubbles. When we decide to put more heat to the water the more the water wants to boil, in turn that will create more bubbles of oxygen. Because these processes cannot be observed by the naked eye, it is difficult for many individuals to conceptualize. To fully appreciate this fundamental relationship, it is important to have an understanding of the living body as a chemical substance, to have basic knowledge about the chemical elements that compose the living body, and to appreciate that gas (CO2) is the source of the plant's body. These complementary systems allow for the existence of animals, which need the oxygen (O2) that is produced by the plants during photosynthesis. The relationship between cellular respiration and photosynthesis is continuous. During photosynthesis, glucose is produced from converted sunlight energy by plants. In general, the more light, the faster the rate of photosynthesis. However, research many years ago demonstrated that increased light intensity only increased the rate of photosynthesis up to a certain point. Therefore, the relationship of photosynthesis and cellular respiration is nonlinear (Biggs, Edison, Eastin, Brown, Maranville, & Clegg, 1971). When we put more heat the more molecules get active and produce oxygen (bubbles) to let the plant grow. When we boil water we produce oxygen and the hotter the water gets the more bubbles it produces. References: Student Sheet Name: Michael Freeman Date: 3/29/15 Instructor’s Name: Lee Ott Assignment:
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