Sci Week 5

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1. Explain how the ecosystem was affected by the missing species for each round of the demonstration. a. Round 1 = Removing the trees from the ecosystem then flowers and plants wouldn’t get shade and wind protection. b. Round 2 = Removing flowers from the ecosystem then bees wouldn’t be able to depend on it for food. c. Round 3 = Removing bees from the ecosystem then flowers and trees won’t be able to get pollinated. d. Round 4 = Removing humans from the ecosystem then there would be less pollution, no overpopulation and no threatening effects to natural resources and species habitats. 2. Provide one action we as humans engage in that leads to the extinction of each of these components. Action affecting Lichens = Lichens need nutrients from the air and water to grow, but humans pollute water with chemicals and air with smoke which can effects there growth. Action affecting Trees = Humans are cutting down trees which is leading them to extinction. Action affecting Flowers = Humans are destroying flowers and plants by destroying the land their on by building buildings and growing crops. Action affecting Bees = Humans are taking flowers away from bees so they are not being able to pollinated. 3. Provide three specific actions that humans can take to minimize our impact on the ecosystem and ensure the survival of lichens, trees, flowers, and bees. Action 1 = We can stop cutting down trees which is taking away habitats. Action 2 = Build more conservation areas to protect lichens, trees, flowers and bees from being extinct in our ecosystem. Action 3 = Stop polluting the environment and start recycling more can help protect and ensure these species survival. Also, start protecting the flowers and trees from pesticides that are killing

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