Sci/362: The Regulation Of Climate Change

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Climate Change Regulation Gina Woods SCI/362 October 17, 2011 Climate Change Regulation The planet historically has gone through a few climate changes. Scientist, who study the climate know the earth climate has already been in a cooling stage, which is the Ice Age, and is in a warming stage in which is called Global warming. Some scientist study show that the earth climate change is moving into another cooling stage in the next decade. “The climate change is Global warming, the increase temperature of the atmosphere near the earth surface” (“American Meteorological Society 2007”). In earlier decades, the natural effects to the climate change, such as volcanic eruptions with the Industrial Revolution, human began to put their…show more content…
Another view is the health effects from long-term pollutions. A third view is who hold the companies liable for their contribution to the change in the climate. Some people who cares about the climate and the people who do not care about the environment. Humans are major contributor in changing the environment. “Their influence is known as the greenhouse gases, which are carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and water vapor”(“American Meteorological Society 2007”). These gases mixes with the sun ultraviolet rays, disburse into the earth atmosphere with harmful results. Carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels is one way the human activities effects the environment. Carbon dioxide from the exhaust of cars in heavily polluted cities, farming machinery such as tractors, and smokestacks of refinery companies are just some of the ways carbon dioxide gases are release into the atmosphere by human contributors. The nitrous oxide gases affect the aquatic ecosystem food web chains, which leads from the smallest phytoplankton up to the largest mammal, which is man. The methane and the chlorofluorocarbon on the ground level effects the farm animals and vegetation of the farming community, leading to crops yielding less production, which will affect the economy. The long-term effect of climate change has medical consequences. Some medical conditions are upper respiratory damage, skin cancer, and asthma; such conditions have ended in death of some citizens. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice are two government agencies that regulate companies that violate the Clean Air Act. They fine some companies like Du point, BP, Exxon, and Murphy oil millions of dollars to be paid for a number of
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