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Sci-275 Week Eight Checkpoint Essay

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Checkpoint for week eight

Santana Nellum


November 24, 2012


I would have to say that according to the renewable energy alternatives that are stated in the video are wind power, solar energy, and biomass fermentation.   Some of the challenges using the renewable wind power alternative are that it requires strong wind more than 15 miles per hour so that the wind mills can turn and use the renewable to instead of fossil fuel.   In order to use the wind power solution it would take strong winds to power the wind mills so without any wind the wind power alternative will not work nor would it be helpful on days such as rain, sleet and snow. However scientist has been looking into solar energy since the 1970s. The solar energy and the solar cells that the scientist are creating to maintain good clean energy is taking a turn for the best because more people are starting to get solar panels on their houses, boats, and even their cars. Most people are starting to see that solar panels and solar energy is a good way to preserve energy. For example when some states have black outs or power lines down they could use the energy from the sun to keep or maintain their power. Although solar panels may cost, but is it a good investment, it will also cut down energy bills, and energy cost to those that have high energy bills special around the holidays and winter. The only challenges that it presents is that without solar energy you will not have any power. Biomass fermentation is renewable energy made from all different types of solid such as wood, waste, crops, and aquatic plants. The challenges of using and managing this alternative is that it has to be the right combination of materials to make into energy or gas, farms collecting the left over crops that do not get picked up or just laying around. Another alternative renewable energy source is hydrogen, hydroelectric and hydropower energy and tidal and wave...

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