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Natural Resources and energy August 10, 2012 SCI/256 Instructor: Allan Bleier University of Phoenix Natural resources and Energy Team A has chosen to do research on grassland and the impact development has on the ecosystem resources. For years humans has affected the landscape for animals in grasslands. Enormous part of the grassland has been turned into farmlands for growing crops and for other resources. In addition people have caused other problem for instance a fire that spread and does a lot of damage to the soil, and grass, and also trees the soils. If the lack of grassland continues to bother there will be no future for the next generation here on earth. Identify impacts associated with agriculture Normally, grasslands are unprotected in an endless areas made up of many different kinds of grasses like Cocksfoot. In addition to plants and grass there are massive numbers of animals and many of them with a survival tool to escape from many enemies in their environment. How the enemy is destroying their very livelihood. The destroying of the forest is causing more animals to come in…show more content…
The most of the grasslands has been replaced with buildings, roads, and bridges. The over population of species is costing less natural resources to be available such as the grassland and farms. As people grow in number the earth get crowd and buildings are build and also pollution in the air. For instance cars gases creates pollution the increase of people means the increase of cars, and buses. If people continue to make the decisions to develop over natural resources the earth is in trouble. As the population increases the environment is weakening and destroyed by buildings and cars. The human population significantly affects the condition of the planet it is a double effect. The effect of a growing population is global warming, pollution, dead animals and cutting down of the

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