Sci 207 Week 1 Assignment

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Give specific examples of at least two (2) production and two (2) consumption habits humans have related to material resources Two productions that humans have related to material resources are the production is electronics or production of medication or medical devices. We use these to make are life easier ether to make something faster or try to make people healthier for example., The producing of electronics such as the computer or cell phone make it easier so people don’t have to stand by each to hold a conversation but they can do this miles apart and get the same information. In today time it is odd to not see someone with these electronic devices. Through time we have made them quicker and more efficient to make like easier. We have even put web cams in them so if you do have to see that person or look at something then you can. This saves people time and money because of the less travel. We also have to. With the production of new medical supplies we are saving people lives and making them live longer. In chapter 2 it tells and shows a chart of how high are population has gotten over the years since the stone age to present day times. The reason for this is because the production of new technology. For example on the new technology that docter can use to see people ear drum with a scope. They can show the patient this on tv and show were they have to make a miner repair to help them. This will calm down a patient and make them feel more relax before going through anything. Another medical devices that is saving people lives is the insulin shots that they are inserting into people so they can regulate their sugar . These devices are saving lives especially kids that are getting this at such a your age. Consumption habits are how we are consuming the natural resources, like fuel or food for example.

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