Schools S Oranasations Essay

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School – the role of staff at school is to create and maintain a safe learning environment. They should: i) Be responsible for identifying any concerns and to acting upon this information. ii) Attend child protection and first aid courses. In cases of special schools staff should have appropriate training on medical issues on safeguarding all children. iii) Protect children from harm and abuse. (including bullying/cyber bullying) iv) Help meet the health needs of children with medical conditions and provide accurate information on the child’s educational needs. v) Designate a person that has had specific training to deal with child protection issues. vi) Have contact with multi agencies to support the child and attend case conferences. vii) Under the Children’s Act 1989 the school have a key role to play referring children and providing information to the police for future criminal proceedings that might take place under child protection issues. viii) Manage risks appropriately. Social Services – are concerned with the immediate care of a child and they ensure that they are safe from harm. They work in partnership with parents and other agencies to carry this out. In some cases, schools will contact social services directly when they have serious concerns about a parent or carer. They also provide support to vulnerable children and families. The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) – is a charity which works to protect children from harm. It is the only charity which has a statutory power to take action where there are cases of child abuse. The charity works with different organisations e.g. social services, the police, education and health services. They also provide support to children and families in situations such as domestic violence and also abuse. They provide help via a telephone helpline which can be used for example for

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