Schools are the backbone to a good education

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Schools are the backbone to a good education. Yet, some believe that schools should encourage critical thinking as it develops your mind, and it also promotes originality. In spite of this, many students benefit from the more conventional ways of learning. Firstly, critical thinking develops your mind and results in people being more open-minded. The ability to think critically helps one to analyse the deeper meaning of certain concepts as well as helping with the analysis of certain words or phrases. Critical thinking also changes the way a person thinks, to allow one to recognize and understand the hidden meanings of questions. Furthermore, critical thinking also helps people to become more open-minded. This encourages an unbiased view of certain topics and allows one to view both sides of an argument. This allows and unprejudiced stance, as well as the ability to clearly analyse the pros and cons of arguments. Second of all, critical thinking encourages originality. It nurtures the formulation of new ideas and concepts. Critical thinkingalso aids the ability to create new and different ideas. In addition, critical thinking helps one to grasp ideas and change them so that they are even better than the original concepts. It also helps encourage analysis of such concepts. Hence, schools should encourage critical thinking. On the other hand, many students benefit from the more conventional ways of learning. Some university students believe that the traditional methods, such as copying off the blackboard, is a more sensible and effective way of learning, than thinking for yourself. Many believe that when learning and studying at university, it is better to copy down notes written by lecturers, as this is the best aid when learning the carious concepts associated with the certain topic or subject. Therefore, some schools should not encourage critical
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