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Assignment #2 — Response to Essay Choose an essay from our text, 40 Model Essays, and write a literary response essay. Do not choose one of the essays we have discussed already this semester. Do not choose an essay you’ve already written about last semester (either in my class or in another class). Write a well-developed 3-page essay using MLA to cite. You will demonstrate your understanding of the author’s thesis as well as your ability to analyze and synthesize this information. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate: * Understanding of the author’s thesis and general purpose for writing * Utilize textual examples to support your analysis of the essay – this means you will be citing (using MLA) the essay and not just making general statements * Assess the author’s argument. What do you think about it? Do you agree/disagree? Why/why not? Be specific and clear. Your essay should be 3 full pages. If it is less than three full pages, you will lose points that begin at a half a letter grade. Essay components: 1) An introduction (paragraph) with a clearly defined thesis that defines the author’s argument as well as your focus. 2) Body paragraphs that offer supporting detail from the essay (make sure you correctly cite using MLA) and answer some of the questions listed above. 3) A conclusion (paragraph) that brings your essay together and summarizes your thoughts. 4) A Works Cited page Rubric: 1) Clearly state the author’s thesis and general purpose for writing ____ (0-5) 2) Cite and unpack at least 3 quotes from the text in support of your analysis ____ (0-5) 3) Clearly assess the author’s argument. It’s obvious what you believe about the author’s thesis and you support your thoughts with examples. ____ (0-5) 4) Organization - Good planning, appropriate arrangement of ideas, fluent and coherent, clear

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