Schooling Through the Ages Essay

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A report looking into schooling of the past, present and the future By Caitlin Jordan In this report I have written about schooling from the past the present and the future. Schools from the past In the past schools were very strict. Punishments consisted of the cane, whip, basket, log back and the dunce hat. The dunce hat was where you were made to wear a tall pointed hat with the letter ‘D’ or the word dunce written on it standing for dunce (dumb) If you were slow at learning, you would be made to stand in the corner wearing the hat whilst the teacher and other students mocked them. Most school work was dull and consisted of memorizing lists of facts. Teachers did not stand for any nonsense and if you were caught talking you would have probably had the board rubber chucked at you. Between 1870 and 1914 some form of education was made compulsory in most of Europe and the United States. Many people could not read, write or do the simplest sums. Unlike the present day classrooms had long wooden desks with long wooden benches and the desks had little inkwells at the top. Paper was expensive therefore children wrote on slate with slate pencils. Only rich children would wear uniforms to school. The poor children mainly attended day schools were the clothes they wore to school were the same as the ones they would wear at home. These clothes were mainly sleeveless, apron like garments usually green or brown; the girls would wear long dresses. Poor children normally went to free charity schools or ‘Dame’ schools (so called ‘Dame’ schools because they were run by women) for young children. They also went to Sunday schools which were run by churches. They learnt bible stories and were taught how to read. There could be as many as 70 or 80 students in one class, especially in cities. In some schools pupil-teachers helped with teaching. The pupil-teachers were boys
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