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School Work Lab 4 Essay

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You Decide - Choices and Consequences

The Number 1 choice is Jerry, the father, offers the best utilitarianism of hope and use of his life to help his children and family and the best longevity of life given he has essentially been healthy except for the damage done to his heart from the Steroids some 20 to 30 years earlier. His wife and children play no part in the decision in him getting the heart. It all has to do with his health, and ability to live a life after he receives it. And also some other facts that should be considered like life expectancy, importance, age. When deciding on whom to donate the heart to. He’s cause for damage to the heart was the steroids, of which he was unaware of the consequences of taking the steroids at the time he took so there wasn’t any sort of health irresponsibility known otherwise. His chances to live 10-15 more years are very high so it’s one point investing in him. He has a family to take care of, wife and the 3 kids who he has to support till they are on their feet and so forth. He also has been a good supporting father as he’s already being supporting their dreams career wise and the future. So my first choice with all confidence would be Jerry.
The number 2 choice is Ozzie just as long as he does not get back on his old ways he does hold out some hope for society as a whole as long he does not go back and continue to good in society by helping out others and he stays off drugs - he really can have a useful and a prosperous and productive life. His chances of living after a successful heart transplant are another 10 years but only if he stays off the drugs and which is not really guaranteed but if he does he can be a very good mentor and a coach or guidance for teens with troubled life as they are on drugs already. Since Ozzie have seen the side effects and losses because of the drugs, he can let the teens know it too and help them stay off of it and have a successful life and be productive in the...

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