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Sex Survey Results - AMOLED Android Gambling Rates Higher Than Sex Sex survey results show that male gamers rate Android gambling on the new AMOLED screen higher than sex with their current partner Title - Rummy is a Game of Skill According to The Madras High Court of India ---------------------------------- Slug - ---------------------------------- keywords - Indian gambling laws, online casinos in India, India gambling news, Rummy, 32Red Casino, Madras High Court, Mahalakshmi Cultural Association, T Nagar, Paul Kanagaraj, S. Rajeswaran --------------------------------- description - The Madras High Court of India ruled that Rummy is a game of skill and is perfectly in line with Indian gambling laws. ---------------------------------- teaser – The Madras High Court in India has ruled that the 13-card game Rummy is not gambling, but a true game of skill ---------------------------------- contry - India ---------------------------------- author - author - Alex ---------------------------------- image - ---------------------------------- text attribute - online casinos in India - GamingZion ---------------------------------- alt attribute - Indian gambling laws - GamingZion ---------------------------------- BODY - The Madras High Court in India has finally crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” in the <a href="/india/" title="Indian gambling laws - GamingZion">Indian gambling laws</a>, ruling that Rummy is a game of skill, and not a game of chance or gambling. Justice S. Rajeswaran, relied on a Supreme Court order of 1968 in his decision and said: "The game of Rummy is mainly and predominantly a game of skill." The ruling came after a petition was filed by the Mahalakshmi Cultural Association based in T Nagar. The judge ruled that as long as the Rummy game is played in a lawful manner, the law enforcement agencies

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