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Don’t you just love waking up in the morning and slipping on your school uniform instead of wasting precious sleeping time on deciding what you’re going to wear that day? School Uniforms have a lot of benefits, rather than disadvantages. For instance, everyone is equal therefore there won’t be any bullying, uniforms are cheaper than regular clothes, and they save you the hassle in determining what to wear. I still remember being in elementary school and being so thankful that we didn’t have to wear uniforms. Then I got to high school and realized that all this time I was wrong about uniforms and how thankful I am now that I have a school uniform. To begin, one of the great things school uniforms has to offer is the fact that by wearing the uniform everyone is equal. I say this because if everyone is wearing the same thing then kids won’t judge others based on what they are wearing. In addition, not only would kids get bullied for the condition/quality of their clothes but they would also get bullied for the type of clothes they liked to wear for example if a boy liked the colour pink and he wore pink clothes he would get bullied just because pink is known as a “girl colour .” To add to that, say someone like a certain T.V. show or video game like Pokémon and they would like to wear Pokémon clothes to school, I’m sure the kids at school would bully him and call him a nerd because simply they either don’t think it’s “cool” or they don’t have anything better do to then judge someone on what they wear. Overall, by making school uniforms compulsory it saves kids the hassle of being bullied and judged on for what they wear to school, this way kids can actually enjoy coming to school and know that they won’t be bullied for what they wear. Secondly, another benefit to the school uniform that tends to benefit the parents more than the children is the fact that school

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