School Uniforms Essay

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Thesis: Students in Canada should not be forced to wear a uniform to school as it plays such a big part in self-expression and developing a personal style. In this day in age in North America, school uniforms are the exception, not the rule. Switching schools that currently do not require uniforms over to having uniforms be a requirement would be quite the task in and of itself. When you take into account the large number of variables that have to be considered, one would have to ask themself, “Why bother?” There are simply far too many cons and not enough (if any) pros to this change that is currently under discussion. When looking closely at the subject of school uniforms, it starts to become apparent that there are a large number of holes in this plan. For one, and most importantly, children become limited in their ability to fully express themselves. At young ages, kids need all the flexibility possible so as to properly “find themselves.” If children have restricted choices of clothing, they may feel as if they’re not special or different which is, of course, not true at all. Every child deserves the right to decide what they do or don’t want to wear so that free thinking and self-expression is properly promoted. Another problem with the idea of school uniforms is the fact that not every kid would be comfortable with the clothing they’d be required to wear. Some children are actually sensitive or even allergic to certain materials. Also, kids may be opposed to zippers, buttons, or clothing that is restrictive. A similar problem that could arise is students not wanting to wear a certain style of clothing. For example, some girls dislike wearing skirts/shorts, which are often necessary for a school uniform. Finally, it is necessary to consider what kind of message it’s sending when a school requires that its students wear certain clothes. To me,

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